David Mitchell

Sihing David has been training at AMAC since 2006 and has been an AMAC Instructor Training Candidate (ITC) since 2010. During this time, he has focused his training at AMAC in studying self-defense and combat applications. David also trains in BJJ, Defense Lab, Pekiti Tirsia, and Silat. All of his experience he brings to the classroom to create a dynamic training environment.

Outside of the martial arts, David, is involved in a variety of other activities and hobbies. A lover of the outdoors, David spends some of his time honing and expanding his wilderness survival skills. When not trekking through forest, David practices the craft of metal smithing, working with iron and aluminum, producing some of the training tools he uses in the Filipino Kali program.


  • Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do/Personal Defensive Systems<
  • Black Belt in Filipino Kali
  • White Grade in Defence Lab's DNA Program
  • Blue Belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu