The C-Tac (Civilian Tactical) Program

Due to the nature of society, more and more people are looking for a more tactical, real world source of information to educate them and keep them safe in their lives. We believe that in the next 5-6 years if you do not have a good answer to this question you will be behind the curve in the martial arts industry. Unfortunately, the few groups that claim to have a good answer fall short.

This is why we created the Civilian Tactical Training Association and the C-Tac program. C-Tac is a professional program with an organized curriculum that focus on the tactical answer that people will come into your school looking for. The program was designed with the martial arts academy or tactical training model in mind, so it fits into the culture very well.

The teaching materials needed to offer the program are all supplied by the Association. Ongoing training in  the system and its business model are supplied throughout the year also as part of the program. Once you join all you have to do is attend the instructor training camps in Atlanta.

Sifu Alan Baker has been actively training in the martial arts industry for 35 years. In 2005 he created the AMAC Tactical Training Group which designed and taught its programs to multiple SWAT teams and law enforcement agencies around the US. In the same year he became the Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Executive Protection Institute in VA, the oldest bodyguard school in the US. Through this relationship he created the Protection Response TacticsProgram, a specialized training program for the school and its students. In 2007 Sifu Alan became the defensive tactics instructor for Vehicle Dynamics Institute in NJ and went on to create unique programs centered around the vehicle called the Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics Program. Since then he has been able to work with several government agencies doing the same work and continues to do so today.      


All of this experience came together to create the C-Tac program. Just a few areas that C-Tac offers training in are:

• Close quarter Combatives that are based on a socially acceptable force continuum.             
• Defensive tactics in and around a vehicle.    
• The intelligent study of how the Predatorily mindset thinks and how it seeks to interact with you. 
• Close quarter manipulation of a firearm both offensive and defensive.                                    

• Close quarter manipulation of an edged weapon both offensive and defensive.                  

• The everyday tactical mindset and tactical environmental placement.


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